Elden Ring Patch 1.02 Notes Fix Some Performance Issues Prima Games

Elden Ring Patch 1.02 Notes Fix Some Performance Issues

by Jesse Vitelli

Elden Ring, the latest game developed by From Software launches tonight and fans are ready to enter into the Lands Between and take on the horrors that await them around every turn. Before you hop into Elden Ring be sure to check for updates if you’ve preloaded to play on the most current version of the game.

The patch 1.02 notes can be seen below.

  • Improved player controls 
  • Addition and adjustment of BGM 
  • Text adjustments 
  • Balance adjustments 
  • NPC event fixes and adjustments 
  • Fixed frame rate drops under certain conditions 
  • Fixed text bug in some languages 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Xbox wireless headset from working properly 

An important note is that the ray-tracing update will be implemented post-launch and further announcements of that patch will come in a future announcement. If you’ve purchased the game digitally be sure to double-check that the patch was applied after you downloaded it.

If you can’t contain your hype for Elden Ring as it approaches be sure to read our 9.5 out of 10 review. If you find yourself having trouble or looking for an item also check out our guide hub with everything you’ll need to know.

For everything else be sure to check out Prima Games and keep an eye out for more coverage of Elden Ring.

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