Dynasty Warriors continues to roll on, even if it doesn't seem like too many dynamic changes are going into the "I'm gonna charge forward and kill hundreds of soldiers with ease" gameplay.  But fans are likely to enjoy the latest chapter as much as they endured the previous ones.

Dynasty Warriors 8 has officially been confirmed for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and will be making its debut this July.  Like previous games, you'll get to choose from a handful of powerful warriors and carve your own legacy in ancient China, battling warlords and their armies while using Musou abilities to deliver punishing blows.

There is an interesting new part of the game, one that shies away from the usual Three Kingdoms territory in favor of a history-bending mode, where you could actually change the shape of history as you know it.  Not too much detail has been revealed about this yet, but, hey, we'd love to be king.

We'll have a full strategic preview for the game closer to its release on July 16th.