Dyad is one of the PlayStation Network's better releases from the past year, an independent darling that is reminiscent of the classic days of Tempest, but with a nice, modern music-based twist that keeps you going.  And now other users will get to experience it as well.

Shawn McGrath, the one-man crew behind the game's development (with some help from a few musicians, mind you), has confirmed that the game will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux next month.  This was after the game was located within the Steam database.  "This was a rather interesting thing that happened," said McGrath.  "I didn't plan on announcing Dyad on Steam yet, but what can I do now?"

McGrath had actually been going back and forth with Valve on the game's release on Steam, and now it's looking like it may come out in March…"but who knows when it'll actually come out?" said McGrath, hinting it might take a little bit longer.  But the other versions will arrive as planned.

And McGrath concluded, "Dyad is magic."  To which we heartily agree.  Don't believe us?  Check it out on PlayStation Network now.