Diablo 4 Gains Uber Unique Farming, Thanks to a Returning Boss

You get a Shako!

Duriel Diablo 4
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Duriel, King of Maggots, is one of the five new bosses that will arrive in Season 2 of Diablo 4, and the King will bring a new way to farm Uber Unique items for the first time. At level 100, players will be able to take on Duriel, much like the Echo of Lilith, and there will always be a chance for an Uber Unique to drop with a victory.

This doesn’t mean that an Uber Unique will drop every time you defeat Duriel in Diablo 4. So, if you’re looking for a guaranteed way to earn these items, this will still be a challenge. However, battling Duriel is the only activity in the entire game where Uber Unique items will have a higher drop rate. For everything else, you need to hit the lottery to earn one for yourself.

During the Season 2 Livestream for Diablo 4, some additional details about target farming and Uber Uniques were given. All five new bosses will have a loot pool tied to them so that you can farm standard unique items, which is also entirely new for the game. Along with the standard items, the developers confirmed that Uber Uniques would become more common due to the addition of Duriel. Essentially, we will know people who have Uber Uniques rather than them being a fantasy for most of the player base.

These items will still be incredibly rare, so at the end of the day, most players will never get one. To start target farming these items, you must reach level 100 on World Tier 4. That’s no easy feat, and it will still be a small percentage of the player base. With so many XP changes, maybe more players will stick around for Season 2.

Earlier today it was announced that Diablo 4 is making its way to Steam just in time for Halloween.

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