Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition Explained

A lot of cool features planned.

Last month during its pre-E3 press conference, Sony announced it would release a special edition of its forthcoming racing game Driveclub to PlayStation Plus subscribers.  However, it didn’t really explain what the differences were between the special PS Plus and regular editions.

Today, thanks to the good folks at PlayStationer, we know more about the forthcoming free edition of Driveclub.  The site recently held a Q & A session with the game’s developer, Evolution Studios, to find out what would be missing.

An Evolution rep stated that the PS Plus edition lacks “a few assets, such as cars and tracks, that will be found in the full version.”  There will still be plenty of content, however.  “The online multiplayer, the asynchronous challenges and the single player campaign will all be present in the PS Plus version.”

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade from the PS Plus version to the full version online through the PlayStation Network. “You could download the PS Plus version and then decide that you want to convert this to the full digital version, then you can pay a sum of money and everything else will be delivered to you,” Evolution assured.  “The PS Plus version gives us to the biggest open community, day one.  This game is all about socializing.”

If you want the full version, have at it.  Otherwise, enjoy the ride for free when Driveclub launches later this year for PlayStation 4.

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