DrDisrespect Breaks His Silence On Twitch Ban In New Interview

The mysterious DrDisrespect ban from Twitch is still very much a mystery, but the controversial content creator has at least broken his silence.

Controversial content creator DrDisrespect has officially broken his silence on this perma-Twitch ban that happened earlier this month. The streamer mentioned in the new interview that he’s “never going back to Twitch,” as if he has a choice, and uses a lot of words to say actually very little, though for some reasons that seem beyond his control.

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Guy ‘DrDisrespect’ Beahm recently reached out on his own to PC Gamer for an interview pretty much setting himself up for a ‘comeback’ and while he did mention that he’s not currently considering anymore exclusivity offers, he didn’t really seem to say much else other than repeating vague answers back. Still, for a man that is intentionally baiting fans to hang on his every word – which is working quite well and is a smart marketing move – the context of his first interview since his ban makes perfect sense. 

To be fair, he did mention in the interview that he beyond marketing coyness, another reason for the vague answers was due to “legal counsel,” though the specific nature of that counsel and the reasoning behind it is still very much a mystery. His publicist also had to step in a few times to warn of venturing into “dangerous territory” with certain questions. One aspect fans can get out of this, however, is that he is going to be returning to streaming, he just doesn’t know where yet. 

” You know, while it’s unfortunate that I’m off Twitch, we’re definitely working behind the scenes on what a Dr return might look like,” he tells the site. “In terms of the specifics around that, we’re not interested in exclusive at this point. We’re exploring our options and, honestly, just can’t wait to get back into character soon. We have a lot to do, and I’ll be wherever fans want me to be. And, you know, that’s been our approach.”

He also opens up about the moment he found out he was banned, which he claims was a total “shock” while mid-stream: “Well, to be honest—okay, so we got the news, you know, it was just… it was completely… it was a total shock. Imagine just going to work one day and the door is closed and you can’t get inside and you’ve been told that you were fired, and you weren’t given a reason why, you know? And so, for me, it was just an initial shock.

“The way I discovered it, too, I was on a buddy’s stream, and some of the features started turning off while I was just in the chat and everything, and then all of a sudden social media was blowing up. I got on the call with my team, and after one quick email, it was all over. At that particular moment, it was more of just kind of shocked, like, what just happened, you know? And both my wife and I are just like, what’s going on?”

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With a TV show in the works with Skybound, there is a lot at stake since his ban but for all of his flaws, the man knows how to market himself in a way that is successful and we have no doubt that he will be able to find his way out of whatever mess he is in. With Twitch communication effectively cut off for good, it sounds like he is planning to potentially hit back at Twitch based on legal counsel he has received, though again – he was very careful when speaking on that as well. 

As far as why he was banned, we still don’t know, and when asked if we’ll ever get an answer, he simply replied “Honestly, we just don’t know.” 

You can learn more about the situation surrounding his perma-ban on Twitch and what the next steps are right here with the full interview. 

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