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Dragon Quest X Officially Announced For Wii U In Japan

by Prima Games Staff

Though there wasn’t really much Wii U information to speak of in the U.S. version of Nintendo Direct this morning, the Japanese edition had a lot to celebrate.  Dragon Quest producer Yosuke Saito confirmed a release period for the forthcoming Dragon Quest X for Wii U, a game that’s been highly anticipated since being hinted at a few weeks ago at the Tokyo Game Show.

Nintendo is likely to unveil details about the game over the next few weeks, and Saito has also confirmed that a beta is in the works, ready to kick off as soon as February 2013.  Details are scarce at the moment, but fans should definitely be pleased that it’s officially coming sooner rather than later.

However, now the question is…will we see it on U.S. shores?  Dragon Quest has seen some releases in the past, though its reception wasn’t as earth shattering as publishers were hoping.  Still, with a new system in need of a role-playing adventure, we could definitely see people picking it up.

Look for more information on Dragon Quest X as it moves along into development.

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