Monopoly is a board game that's gotten a number of special editions over the years, but, aside from Nintendo's big release, we haven't really seen too many based on video games.  But all that will change with the release of Street Fighter Monopoly, which was available through Amazon but is currently sold out.  (Relax, they'll get more in stock.)

The game includes a familiar set of tokens, including Chun-Li's bracelet, a Hadouken, M. Bison, Blanka, Ryu, Zangief's shorts (!) and Vega's mask.  (Sure beats playing with an iron and a race car, am I right?)  You'll be able to acquire a number of properties taken straight from the game series, including the Japanese Bathhouse and the China Marketplace, and deal with characters familiar from the series, including Ken, Ryu, M. Bison and Gouken, on the cards.

Just remember, going to jail is probably a lot more painful with Dudley slamming you into the cell.  Ouch.

Bookmark this link and prepare to buy your copy when it returns in stock.  HADOUKEN!