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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Fortnite Crossover Teased

Beast Gohan vs Mr. Beast

by Lucas White

The official Fortnite social media feeds dropped a big tease this morning, for content that will be launching (or announced more clearly) tomorrow. Whatever the case may be, we know we’ll be seeing some new Dragon Ball stuff coming to Fortnite on January 31, 2023. And from the teaser image, it’s pretty safe to say this isn’t just a second general Dragon Ball crossover; it’s likely Epic Games is running a themed event based on the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. And if that’s the case, the possibilities for new content are pretty exciting for Dragon Ball fans.

First of all, check out the teaser image that was posted this morning. It’s pretty clear for the most part what’s happening, thanks to the big “Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super” logo. But the image is just an overhead shot of some kind of aircraft that on a casual glance doesn’t have much to do with Dragon Ball. Keen-eyed onlookers with better memory than mine though, noted that this vehicle is from the movie released last summer, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. It’s not exactly a huge part of the movie either, making it a perfect element for a subtle tease.

What isn’t subtle however is the rest of the movie. And when it comes to things like new character skins, there are a ton of possibilities. After all, Super Hero barely features longtime leads Goku and Vegeta, the main stars of the first Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super crossover. It’s mostly about the relationship between Piccolo and Gohan, a huge part of the Dragon Ball story that until now didn’t have a real conclusion. Of course, both characters got new transformations, and it’s easy to assume we’ll be seeing both Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo in Fortnite.

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But, there were also new characters introduced, the villains (sorta) Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 and the villain (definitely) Cell Max. Several other longtime Dragon Ball cast members appear as well, including Android 18, Krillin, Goten, Trunks and more. I doubt they’ll cram all these characters into one event, but there are lots of possibilities even within the main cast.

Also, remember the Kamehameha weapon from the first Dragon Ball event? Yeah, that thing ruled. Another big part of the Super Hero movie (and this is probably a big spoiler if you haven’t seen it, so there’s that) is a different energy blast technique, the Special Beam Cannon. It’s also called the Makankosappo, but I doubt Fortnite will stray from the goofy localized name. This could be included as a similar limited item, and taking people down with it would be even more hype than the Kamehameha, if only because of its charging time being a major dramatic affect.

Anyway, we’ll find out what’s actually coming to the game in this second Fortnite Dragon Ball Super crossover sometime tomorrow.

Lucas White

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