This Easter we’re getting treated to two weekends of double experience points with two different game varieties.

The first special playlist includes popular mod-based game Grifball and will be available from Thursday, March 6th at noon till March 10th at 12:01AM  (all times are PST) and is an unranked “social playlist”.

Grifball plays a lot like rugby, and involves two teams in an attempt to try to run into nets with a ball. There’s no pass function included and gravity hammers and energy swords are in the mix so it’s slightly more violent a sport.

The game was created by one of the guys who made Red Vs Blue, hence the game’s name (a reference to the character Grif). If you fancy learning a bit more then try the official Grifball site.

Halo 2’s game mode Team SWAT is back on noon 20th March and is available until March 24th at 12:01 AM (again, all times are PST). This mode has no radar and no shields, though does give you a little extra health. Just to reiterate, this is a double XP weekend, so get on it if you wanna earn some “easy” points.

The devs have made a few changes to the Heroic DLC playlist, which Bungie have split into DLC Objective (6 on 6) and DLC Slayer (4 on 4).

There’ll be variation across the two playlists: Team Snipers, Team Rockets, Team BRs, Team Duel and Team Duals for Slayer; and Multi Flag CTF, Multi Flag BR, One Flag, Assault, Neutral Bomb Assault and Team King for Objective.

There’ll also apparently been some meddling with the Matchmaking and a few extra touches on some maps.

Bungie will be applying changes they've made to the minimum size of a “Large Party” in Ranked Big Team Battles, which is now at 6 rather than 7. “Mixed Skill” parties who create an average of level 10 will be able to go up against non-mixed groups.

Apparently the modifications will decrease the time it takes for the game to find games. Bungie will apparently be watching out for organized parties targeting those on their own.

"We have a lot of awesome new content coming up We're not walking away from Halo 3," Bungie community blokey Brian Jarrard said to Eurogamer at GDC.