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DOOM Eternal Gets Release Date & Multiplayer BATTLEMODE Reveal At E3 2019

by Prima Games Staff

Not did Bethesda’s E3 2019 give a look at another PVP mode for DOOM: Eternal, we now know when it’s coming as well.

Bethesda has slated 2019 to be the “Year of DOOM” for some time with DOOM: Eternal coming down the pipe fast and furiously. However, there’s still a lot of questions unanswered about the game. Fortunately, Bethesda answered the biggest one at E3 2019. Coupled with a multiplayer “BATTLEMODE” reveal, we now know the release date for id Software’s latest romp through Hell.

When DOOM: Eternal took the spotlight at E3, it came right out of the gate with a fresh look at the game and a launch date of November 22, 2019. Among the fracas was the new BATTLEMODE. This multiplayer mode is one of the first regular multiplayer reveals for DOOM: Eternal so far, outside of the previously announced invasion mechanic in which other players can invade your single-player game as demons to try to kill you. BATTLEMODE will be a 2vs1 affair. It’s premise: Who’s stronger? One Doomguy or a pair of specialized demons? Have a look at the mode in action below.

DOOM has always had some unique offerings as far as multiplayer goes. BATTLEMODE is at least somewhat interesting in its lopsided effort to throw strategy against brute force and see what gibs. It remains to be seen if the currently shown BATTLEMODE will be all we see out of the multiplayer end of DOOM: Eternal. DOOM (2016) players will recall that several modes existed, including one in which players could take on the roles of demons to go on a rampage, but id Software has clearly been re-examining their approach to any sort of PVP in the game with DOOM: Eternal.

That said, November 22 isn’t too far away. Do we expect to see more out of BATTLEMODE and the single-player invasion? Likely, but for now, we at least know exactly when we’re going to be eviscerating a fresh army of demons again.


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