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Charming New Disney Nintendo Switch Revealed For Japan, Other Locations Pending

by Liana Ruppert

Nintendo has no shame when it comes to delivering adorable special edition versions of their merchandise and that same level of creativity absolutely applies to their Nintendo Switch line as well. For fans of Tsum Tsum, there’s a new Disney Nintendo Switch system just unveiled, but there’s a huge catch: It’s only available in Japan. 

At the time this article was written the adorable Disney Tsum Tsum Nintendo Switch is only set to release in Japan, though Nintendo hasn’t definitively said that it will remain a localized exclusive. Other Japan-only exclusives have later made their way over to the West, so not all hope is totally lost, especially since the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival itself, the reason behind this edition, isn’t limited to just Japan either. So… fingers crossed? 

Even better news? The Disney Tsum Tsum Nintendo Switch is the upgraded version of the hybrid console, which means it has better battery life for players to enjoy. 

With the Nintendo Switch Lite, including the Pokemon version, and the upgraded Nintendo Switch also coming out, it’s good to see that the good times continue to roll when it comes for their wildly successful platform. But don’t mind us, we’re still holding out hope for a Kingdom Hearts III Switch announcement and accompanying console. 

We can dream, Harold. 


Liana Ruppert

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