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DIRT 5 Gameplay Trailer Shows it Running Smoothly on the Xbox Series X

by Morgan Shaver

A new trailer for DIRT 5 was released today which shows the game running on the Xbox Series X. It’s undeniably exciting to see gameplay pulled straight from the Series X as we’re inching closer and closer to the console’s release on November 10.

While the game itself will release ahead of the Series X console, DIRT 5 supports Smart Delivery which means you can buy it for Xbox One and take that purchase with you over to the Xbox Series X.

DIRT 5 Gameplay Trailer Shows it Running Smoothly on the Xbox Series X

If you’re looking forward to the release of DIRT 5 on November 6, we highly recommend checking out the latest trailer for the game. It’s on the short side, but still manages to show a decent amount of gameplay footage for DIRT 5 captured on the Xbox Series X.

The footage shows driving from different perspectives, different terrains, different vehicles, and more. It hits all of the necessary bases. 

The trailer’s description also includes the exciting note that DIRT 5 will have a 120fps option on the Series X along with enhanced performance and faster loading. DIRT 5 will be available for purchase a few days ahead of the Xbox Series X console launch.

If you don’t want to wait to buy and play the game, the good news is that you don’t have to. DIRT 5 supports Smart Delivery which means you can purchase a copy and play the game on Xbox One, then play the game on the Series X on November 10 without having to purchase an additional copy.

DIRT 5 will also be available on PlayStation 4 on November 6, and PlayStation 5 sometime in the near future. As noted in the trailer description, the PlayStation 5 version will also feature 120fps options and next-gen enhancements.

“Power Your Dreams? We know a thing or two about power…

  • 120fps option
  • Enhanced performance
  • Faster loading

DIRT 5 is a launch title for Xbox Series X|S, arriving on November 10, and the boldest, bravest DIRT game ever made leads the pack for next-gen racing! Take this new power into all areas of DIRT 5, including a star-studded Career mode featuring Troy Baker and Nolan North, four-player split-screen, fun online action, and the brand new Playgrounds mode, where you can create and discover player-made racing arenas.

Thanks to Smart Delivery, players of DIRT 5 on Xbox One, which launches on November 6, are entitled to a FREE upgrade to the Series X|S version! The Series S will require a digital purchase of the current-gen version to redeem the upgrade. DIRT 5 also comes to PC and PlayStation 4 on November 6, as well as PlayStation 5 very, very soon – also featuring 120fps options and other next-gen enhancements.”

DIRT 5 is scheduled to release on November 6 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (supporting Smart Delivery), and PlayStation 4.

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