Diablo 4’s New Expansion Brings a Completely New Class Next Year

Fresh meat is on the way

Vessel of Hatred Announcement Diablo 4
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

During the 2023 Blizzcon Opening Ceremony, the first expansion was announced for Diablo 4 as the Vessel of Hatred. Although the main announcement was a short teaser, we were given an idea of what to expect from the major 2024 content drop and some of the details are already enticing.

When the Vessel of Hatred drops, there will be a brand new class that has never been seen before in a previous Diablo 4. No details were given on what the class could be, but I’m sure players will start speculating about leaks as soon as possible. The Crusader was what many in the community were hoping for. Now, we know that’s not the case.

Vessel of Hatred Diablo 4
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Along with the new class, there will be a fresh area for players to explore. Based on the teaser trailer for the Vessel of Hatred, we can expect a jungle area that looks similar to Kurast and the surrounding forests from Diablo 2. Kurast was originally part of Khejistan, so if the new zone is attached to Sanctuary, it will likely appear on the southwestern side of the open world.

At the end of the announcement, we also learned that the Vessel of Hatred will be released in late 2024. If there are no delays, we can all jump onto the expansion in about one year from now. No direct date was given though, so prepare yourself if the content is moved to early 2025 instead. Nothing indicates that’s the case, but delays are always possible.

Of course, the Diablo 4 expansion will likely have overhauls to game systems and we know it won’t be free. Until we get closer to the full release, we’ll have to wait for those specific details. In the meantime, jump back into Season 2, beat up Lilith some more, and prepare for Season 3 within a couple of months.

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