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In the latest Campfire Chat, the Diablo 4 devs were putting out quite a few fires. The universally-unpopular balance changes that came around Season 1’s release were being rolled back, but the already tenuous goodwill of the community had already been a bit burned. Probably worth noting, for those unfamiliar, that the game had quite a tumultuous development cycle. So it makes sense that the team is playing a bit of catch-up.

Luckily, there’s more to an aRPG than class balance (something that’s also getting quite a bit better next week), and the devs are working hard to address one of the other significant issues: mob density.

Diablo 4 Mob Density Changes Coming August 8th

Patch 1.1.1, coming August 8th, brings a whole suite of changes to Diablo 4. But for now, let’s focus on mob density. Below you’ll see the before and after of this change, per the Campfire Chat stream.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of an increase coming. Those who have taken the time to count estimate a 50% increase in monster density, meaning more xp gains, loot drops, and, most importantly, more fun.

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The reasoning behind the somewhat low monster density before next week’s patch seems to be a limitation set by last-generation consoles (the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). The developers made clear they want to increase these numbers, but not at the cost of performance.

Patch 1.1.1 also brings huge Sorcerer buffs, particularly to the fire abilities, as well as some much-needed Barbarian tweaks, mainly to Fury generation. We’ll see what changes make it into the live build of the game, but until then, why not check out our guide on the Seasonal Battle Pass’ Smoldering Ashes?

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