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Destruction All-Stars Delayed To February & Will Now Be Part of PlayStation Plus

by Jesse Vitelli

Destruction All-Stars, originally a PlayStation 5 launch game, has been delayed until February 2021. First shown off during the PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming Event, Destruction All-Stars seemed like a great mix of destruction derby and over-the-top action.

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When it was announced, the game would be $70. Many people were taking back. It was not that the game isn’t worth that price point, but it initially seemed like it was a game to go the Fortnite route of being free-to-play with a battle pass or something similar.

However, today the team announced that it would be pushed to February and will be included with PlayStation Plus for two months. This is the best move for the health and longevity of the game. 

We’ve seen recent success with this tactic in the form of Fall Guys, which took the world by storm, and it’s low barrier to entry helped make it a success story. 

Other games like rocket League have also gone this route, and it seems to be an extremely healthy practice for live service multiplayer games.

In a PlayStation Blog post, we get some more details on what to expect next from Destruction All-Stars.

“Next week, we’ll return with a brand-new trailer and more details on the game, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you download it in February.

This may be disappointing news for some of you who were looking to play the game at launch, but we hope you understand the decision. For those of you that have already pre-ordered the game, be it via PlayStation Store,, or at retail, your purchase will be refunded.”

The game will be refunded to all who purchased a copy, which means you now have some extra cash to pick up a new launch title on PlayStation 5.

Are you excited to try out Destruction All-Stars? Let us know on the official Prima Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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