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Destiny: The Taken King Collector’s Edition – All the Cool Stuff

by Prima Games Staff

Bungie gave its fans at least three ways to purchase Destiny when the game debuted on September 9, 2014.  If you wanted more from the experience beyond the game, the Limited Edition came with Postcards from the Golden Age, an Antique Star Chart and an Arms and Armament Field Guide, while the massive Ghost Edition included those aforementioned items and a life sized Ghost replica. We chose to buy only the game and kick ourselves to this day.

It seemed like we’d never have another chance to acquire Destiny swag at an affordable price, and this changed the moment the studio revealed the next expansion, The Taken King. At first we thought it would be download only, similar to The Dark Below and House of Wolves, but there’s a Collector’s Edition launching on September 15 for $79.99, filled with all sorts of cool items for the hardcore Destiny fan. 

There’s even a story behind its contents. While exploring the Tower, you discover a cache of items from Cayde-6, which includes a copy of the 1883 Robert Louis Stevenson novel, Treasure Island, modified with Cayde-6’s personal notes and illustrations. Beyond that, there’s a limited edition Steelbook Case, relics and artifacts (similar to the postcards it seems), a Strange Coin, a weapon schematic and early access weapons pack, along with the game and all of the expansions. Level 30 players (or those who own expansion one and expansion two) will receive an exclusive Founder’s Fortune Year One Emblem, an Armor Shader and finally, a new Sparrow to ride.

Considering the Limited Edition and Ghost Edition sell on Amazon for $132 and $460, respectively, we strongly suggest pre-ordering The Taken King Collector’s Edition before stores sell out. Whether or not you want to buy Destiny again is the potential sticking point. Newcomers, however, should pre-order this without hesitation. 

In the meantime, read this first look at The Taken King, and watch the official E3 2015 trailer.

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