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Destiny Creative Director: Long-Term Goals Still Needed

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny: The Taken King is an outstanding game when it comes to finding stuff to do within its universe, whether alone or with friends – but it’s still missing something, and the game’s creative director recently took to Twitter to sound off.

Although the game will receive content this December – including Challenge modes and a new Refer-a-Friend program – Luke Smith, the creative director in question, admitted the game is still somewhat in need to long-term goals to keep players around for the long haul. 

A user by the name of @Gothalion pondered, “Man, if you character got that Nightfall head fire aura when I achieved max light, I sure would want max light. Power dif too minimal to care.” To which Luke Smith, under his @thislukesmith account replied, “Goal was to eliminate “max light” pursuit. VFX for max violates that. Agree that players STILL need long-term non-power pursuits.” 

Something to keep in mind is that Gothalion reached the Light level cap of 320 – quite the high rank – before sounding off on his complaint, and feels that motivation is needed in order to keep players going past that current maximum level.

This ties in with another problem that Smith addressed, dealing with the “Forever 29” issue that Bungie is looking into. As far as long-term goals go, there’s no answer yet – but December’s content should keep many players hooked as they take on a series of new challenges, and earn some sweet new Exotic items in the process.

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