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Destiny 2 Leak Seemingly Confirms the Return of Trials of Osiris

by Liana Ruppert

Bungie loves to drop clues that Trials of Osiris is returning to Destiny 2, which makes sense … with, you know, Osiris returning and all. Season of Dawn is officially here and slowly but surely it has been trickling more out through the weeks with even more ahead, but there’s one aspect that Destiny 2 players are wondering about is Trials of Osiris with the return of the character in a big way. While the studio behind Destiny 2 has yet to confirm officially this event’s return, they sure do seem to like hinting at it. 

A recent update was pushed through this week and though it ended up causing quite a few problems that resulted in an emergency maintenance shutdown, that didn’t stop dataminers from trying to uncover even more secrets about what lies ahead. One find includes the below dialogue found within the Destiny 2 game files: 

The Season of the Worthy will strike a chord with many players, this information has been datamined previously, but the character interaction is something not previously discovered. We’ve seen other clues that Trials would be making a comeback, including a glitch in the Orbit screen that definitely looked like a placeholder for Trials of Osiris. Pair that with Bungie flying a slew of streamers out to test something out for Destiny 2, and it looks like we’ve got a mystery on our hands, Scooby.

After finds in-game and rumors, it looks like a new datamine seems to confirm the return of Trials in an exciting way. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that the studio itself has not actually confirmed everything yet, so we’re keeping this firmly in the speculation pile until we get an official yes or no from Bungie. 

Whether it will be our familiar Trials of Osiris or Saint-14 taking over remains to be seen, but it definitely looks like the Trials could be returning. For now, we wait, but Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is now available on all platforms.

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