Google made the gaming community "shooketh" when they first revealed their streaming service Stadia and though they shared a lot of information about the upcoming program, there are still a lot of grey areas as to what that means for certain gaming communities. With Destiny 2 undertaking a major overhaul this September, many are jumping back into the Bungie game with full-force, prompting some to wonder what the future looks like with Stadia. That also includes player pools and how they interconnect.

When Bungie revealed that Cross-Saves would be coming to Destiny 2, fans of the MMO were excited to see that this could potentially lead to Cross-Play. Though that's not the case at this moment, General Manager Mark Noseworthy took to Twitter to reiterate their goals vs. what's actually happening in the immediate future following a recent article by PC Gamer: 

Though some may be upset that Cross-Play isn't in the near future, the inclusion of Cross-Saves is huge and seems to be a growing trend in gaming. With so many games offering platform-specific loot and other incentives, being able to carry progress over no matter the platform will be a huge help. For now, we have to be content with just that for Destiny 2, though it looks like Bungie is definitely open to Cross-Play in the future.