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Destiny 2 Season of The Chosen Trailer & Roadmap Revealed

by Jesse Vitelli

The next Destiny 2 season is on the horizon, and along with it comes a bevy of new content for Players. Season of the Chosen, which begins on February 9, will bring a whole new story to the game.

In the trailer, which can be seen below,m players are introduced to the Cabal empire’s new face.

Destiny 2 Season of The Chosen Trailer & Roadmap Revealed

Empress Caiatl tried to forge an alliance with the Guardians but ultimately fails when she wants them to bow to her. This kicks off the season with a brand-new strike, “breach The Moving Fortress’ which has players storming the tank filled with new Cabal foes.

Season of the Chosen will also bring back old Strikes such as the Devil’s Lair and S.A.B.E.R strikes from Destiny 1. It’s been a long time since a season brought along new strikes with it. That’s the type of content that is usually reserved for one of the paid expansions in Destiny. 

This season will also add 25 new weapons, new armor, and returning activities such as Iron Banner and the Guardian Games. You can see the full roadmap for Season of the Chosen below.


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