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Destiny 2 Players Pay Tribute To The Late Lance Reddick

Eyes up, Guardians.

by Jesse Vitelli

Lance Reddick, the 60 year-old actor whose had many iconic roles such as Irvin Irving in Bosch, Charon in the John Wick franchise, Cedric Daniels in The Wire, and more, died this morning as reported by TMZ. Reddick played many roles in video games as well, and one that has been ongoing was Commander Zavala, leader of The Vanguard in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Players Pay Tribute To The Late Lance Reddick

After the news broke, players worldwide gathered at that tiny perch at the end of the Tower to pay their respects and memorialize Lance Reddick for his performance as Zavala.

Commander Zavala has stood upon that perch for years now, overlooking The Last City.

Players have been gathered around Zavala in the Tower, crouching and bowing, standing firm with swords and shields, paying tribute any way they can using in-game means.

If you load into the Tower at any point, you’ll find the instance all centered around Zavala for one last send-off.

Lance Reddick has been a massive part of many communities. Still, the Destiny 2 community has rallied around Reddick’s performance as Zavala, from memes about the war with the Cabal, to heartfelt messages. Lance Reddick has had a lasting impression on this community, and we are very sorry to hear about his passing.

If you have a moment today, head into Destiny 2, load into the tower, and spend a minute or two reflecting on Lance Reddick and the legacy he has left so many.

Players have also taken to social media and other places to share their tribute to Lance Reddick. Simply searching Commander Zavala on Twitter will garner you thousands of Guardians sharing their love and outpouring for Reddick’s Performance.

If you find yourself in Destiny 2, run a strike or two, pick up some bounties from Zavala, and hear that voice one more time.

Eyes up, Guardians.

Jesse Vitelli

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