Destiny 2 New Enemy Race Turns Stasis and Strand Against Guardians

Stunlocking never looked so good

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape showcase has finally premiered, giving players their first real peek at the content to come in the last installment of the “Light and Darkness” saga. And with it comes a brand-new powerful enemy.

The Final Shape will take place inside the Traveler, the unspeaking Orb God that the Guardians have committed countless lives to protect. It’s within the Traveler that the guardians will try to thwart the Witness, an entity that wants to put an end to all existence and impose “absolute order.”

And The Witness is willing to do anything to make that happen. That includes calling down all manner of enemies. From the tried-and-true Hive to the Taken to the Darkness-wielding Subjugators.

Players who love lore and raids will likely find that these new enemies look familiar. Subjugators are essentially ornately adorned smaller versions of Rhulk, the final boss in the Root of Nightmares. They also seem to come in two shades, which reflect their ability to wield either Stasis or Strand.

Image via Bungie

In the showcase, we see these Subjugators work side-by-side with the Hive to take down the Guardians. This is a marked difference from Tormentors, who are often thrown at Guardians as standalone minibosses.

The Stasis-wielding Subjugator is often seen in the backlines, shooting Stasis crystals that can freeze Guardians. Likewise, the Strand Guardians seem capable of Entangling Guardians. This means we’ll likely see plenty of crowd control on the battlefield.

Players will have their chance to go toe-to-toe with Subjugators once The Final Shape expansion releases on February 27.

The showcase demonstrated that the Final Shape will take Guardians to beautiful vistas and scorched battlefields. But with months to go, now is the time to get the much-coveted Monte Carlo catalyst, which will be released on August 22 in the new Season of the Witch.

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