Destiny 2 Nerfs 2 Best PvP Weapons, Players Are Not Happy About It

Press F to pay respects to the two best PvP weapons in PvP
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Press F to pay respects to the two best PvP weapons in Destiny 2 that Bungie decided to nerf. Both the Not Forgotten and the Luna’s Howl hand cannons have officially been significantly nerfed in preparation for the Season of Opulence on the horizon and some Destiny 2 players are having a hard time coping. 

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Bungie took to their blog to update players on what’s coming to the world of Destiny 2, including the bad news regarding these two weapons. According to the devs, “We wanted to give you a preview of some plans we have to balance Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten in Season of Opulence. After significant amounts of feedback, internal discussion, and playtesting, we’ve decided to adjust how these Hand Cannons work. For some players, these weapons can represent a significant investment of time and the personal improvement needed to acquire them. When tuning, we attempt to take into account the time commitment players make to acquire weapons and balance that against how those weapons affect the different game modes. 

“Magnificent Howl (the unique perk on these weapons) is too effective. It works in a neutral setting and rewards players for getting precision shots–something they would have done naturally. As a result, the time to kill of the game shifts to meet this new benchmark, and players feel that the majority of primary weapons in Destiny 2 cannot compete with these pinnacle weapons.”

Needless to say, the reactions were immediate – if not somewhat NSFW: 

Though some were happy to see the PvP changes, though not nearly as many:

As mentioned by Twitter user ‘Tiggy’, these two hand cannons are not easy to get and require some serious time put into the online game in order to earn. Some are arguing because of the level of time and skill it takes to obtain these two hand cannons, their power is justified, while others maintain that they are too OP and disrupt the overall PvP balance. 

The debate does bring up a good point about how the current PvP is set up on how Bungie should tackle balancing their hardcore players and their more casual participants. While many players are annoyed at the “same ol, same ol” when it comes to weapons, the implementation of guns like the two mentioned above make the endgame a bit less monotonous. Take what makes them powerful away, and some of the more dedicated players are failing to see the purpose of the grind.

What do you think? Was the nerf a good idea, or a bad idea? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames to tell us what you think! 

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