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Destiny 2 Is Getting Its First 3-Person Emote With Shadowkeep Update

by Liana Ruppert

Not too much longer before Destiny 2 fans can get in on the Shadowkeep action, including that glorious and highly anticipated cross-save feature! That being said, emotes in the game are a super fun way to show off (or be obnoxious in Gambit like I am), but until now, they were only reserved for individual and 2-player participation. At least until now. 

The hoorah-like handshake emote (not its actual name) can be seen in the trailer below first posted by the team over at Bungie. Whether or not there will be more group-featured emotes remains to be seen, but hey – the more the merrier. 

When Bungie first showed off their Dragon Ball Z-inspired fusion emote awhile ago, I was definitely obsessed and constantly bug my fireteam with it. So give me more of that, and I’m happy. 

That’s obviously not all that’s coming with the new update, which you can learn more about with our game hub here. From a brand new expansion to many changes to the title’s economic system, it seems a split from Activision does a studio good sometimes, because Destiny 2 very much feels like it’s back into the hands of players. 

Liana Ruppert

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