The Destiny 2 5 Year Plan: What’s In Store for Destiny 2?

Ready for another half a decade of being a Guardian? The Destiny 2 5 Year Plan has been announced by Bungie, and we're as ready as ever.
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Those who are a fan of what Bungie has been doing with Destiny 2 now that the property’s been freed from Activision might be particularly pleased to note that there’s been a reveal of a Destiny 2 5 year plan. Yeah, say that five times fast. The Destiny 2 universe doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon, so if you had your fingers crossed for Destiny 3 before we kicked the bucket in the inevitable heat death of the universe, that’s beginning to look like an impossibility.

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Destiny 2 has been around for a couple of years now, but with all the constant additions to content, it’s really earned its place as a games as a service title that has longevity. With the latest announcements about going F2P from Bungie, as well as the shake-up to how content is going to be made available to Guardians, there’s plenty that’s being refreshed and rejigged in time for the next big game-changing addition: Shadowkeep. Now, it looks like this latest sojourn to the moon is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can start to expect going forward.

The latest Bungie ViDoc sets out the Destiny 2 5 year plan that they’ve got going in brief detail, and they mention that they have a vision for the game that spans that entire period. On top of the Shadowkeep launch which everyone’s already hyped for, and the aforementioned changes to purchasing content with the New Light edition of the game, what really got us perky was the fact that there’s already four seasons of events and narrative for us to look forward to after that. 

It’s quite impressive to see Bungie laying their cards on the table like this: not even MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV have quite come out and said that there’s another half a decade of content just on the backburner waiting to be thrown to the eager community. Anyone who doubted Bungie’s ability or dedication to keep the title going after the Activision separation should definitely see this as a sign of long-term commitment to making the title the best that it can be. Once Shadowkeep drops, it’ll be interesting to see a lot of what the ViDoc talks about being made flesh, and we’re frothing for it. 

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