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Decide the Narrative in The Occupation, Coming This October

by Josh Hawkins

White Paper Games, the developers of Ether One, have announced the upcoming release of their new real-time thriller, The Occupation. Set in 1980s England, players take on the role of an investigative journalist tasked with investigating an explosion to try to figure out exactly what happened that night.

The game takes place over 4 real-time hours, meaning that you’ll only have those four hours to question, find evidence, and determine what happened as you make decisions that cause ripples and changes throughout the game world. You are the narrator in this promising 1980s noir adventure, and all of the items at your disposal will be of the utmost important as you try to determine who is responsible all the deaths that occurred that night.

For those who haven’t followed White Paper Games, the studio is a small, independent studio based out of England. They released their first title, Ether One, back in 2014 to critical and popular success. The game was also nominated for a Developer award for ‘Use of Narrative’. This bleeds a lot of promise into the idea behind The Occupation, which appears to hold true to that same style of narrative, which places players right into the thick of things, giving them almost full control of where the story goes.

So, mark your calendars and prepare your notepads. Once The Occupation arrives on October 9, you’ll need to dive in and figure out what happened as you relive the events through the descriptions given by witnesses, photo footage, and more. Make sure to check out the trailer for The Occupation above and be sure to head over to The Occupation’s official website to learn more about White Paper Games’ upcoming title.


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