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Dead Space 3 Awakened Walkthrough – Part 1

Dead Space 3 Awakened Walkthrough - Part 1 of 3
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Isaac and Carter wake up following the events of the main game to discover that somehow they have survived and are back on Tau Volantis. You regain control of Isaac down in a frozen cave. Make your way toward Carter and activate the station next to him to begin rappelling back up to the surface.

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Move past Carter and to the other side of the cave to find a Mk II Overclocked Heavy Frame laying in a snow bank.

Make your way up, using the sprint button when moving sideways to leap across the gaps. Once you make it to the top, Isaac and Carter take a look around and speculate on what has happened before splitting up in search of a ship. Follow your objective marker through the small bunker and into an area containing a suit kiosk. Moving forward will trigger a brief flash that lets you know there is something seriously wrong at work. Take a moment to change suits or upgrade your RIG if you wish or use the bench at the far side of the area before moving on ahead.


There is a nice +3 Reload, +2 Damage chip lying on the ground just to the right of the work bench in this area.


After leaving the tented area, move back and around to the right of the tent to find a Mk-II Directed Suspension Field upgrade for your weapons.

Leave the covered area and forge on ahead toward the shipping crates and you see Norton huddling from the cold in front of you.

But… Approach and Isaac will snap back to the real world and find himself face-to-maw with a slasher!

Though tougher than most slashers it shares their weakness to guns with a knock back. Once you’ve killed the slasher, more necromorphs begin flooding into the area. Dismember all of them to clear the way to the far side of the area and hack the access panel to gain entry into another covered area.

On the other side, climb the ladder in front of you and make your way across the scaffolding and you will soon find yourself in a not-so-friendly area.

The shadowy apparitions that assault you are very fragile and will go down with just a few shots from even the weakest weapons. After a few moments Isaac will come to his senses again and you’ll find yourself back at the bottom of the ladder. This time you will have no interruptions as you climb back up and across the scaffolding.


The second time you cross the scaffolding, after Isaac’s psychotic episode, make your way to the far end then turn around. There is a MK-II Overclocked Compact Frame sitting on a generator.

In this next area, you will be assaulted by alien necromorphs. Use the boxes nearby to avoid their charges and keep them at a distance while you whittle them down. Continue on past the necromorph tentacles and through a small cave. On the other side the path splits in two. The path to the right leads to several necromorphs and a weapon upgrade while the path to the left will take you toward you current objective.


Taking the path to the right will lead you to a moderately sized valley with a few crevices. not long after you enter into the wider central area you will be set upon by feeders. Take them out using the same tactics that have served you well in the past then gather up the supplies they drop.

Heading into the alcove directly ahead of you when you enter this area takes you to several supply boxes and a MK-II Ammo Support unit laying on the ground in the snow. Follow your objective markers and head toward the next covered area but be prepared for a large wave of feeders to interrupt you. Once you’ve neutralized them you can move through the covered area and through the door without further interruption


After clearing out the feeders, you can find a +3Reload, +2 Rate of Fire circuit laying on some crates to your left.

In this next covered area you’ll find a much-welcome bench to modify or upgrade your weapons should you choose. There is also a suit kiosk on the wall to the right if you want to upgrade your RIG as well. At the opposite end of the area is a Unitology soldier that is clearly not handling things well. As you approach, a nearby computer is triggered and a voice recording plays. From the sound of things, someone has decided to continue Danik’s work. That’s probably not a good thing. Once you are upgraded and prepared, head through the doors and continue on in search of a ship to escape with Carver. As you move on, several leviathan tentacles rise up ahead of you and attempt to distract you from the twitchers creeping up from behind.

Either disable the tentacles as fast as possible or duck back around the corner a bit to avoid being shot at while you take care of the much more mobile twitchers. Taking out all the tentacles will clear the path forward across a bridge. As you cross the small bridge, be prepared for more twitchers that will pop out of the snow to attack you. Hack them to bits then take the cargo elevator up. The Unitologist ships are starting to take off but fortunately you are getting close. Gather up the supplies you need around this area and head forward through the doors.


As you move through the small area, this text log is sitting tucked on the ground to your right. Move on past another traumatized Unitologist soldier and you’ll find yourself in the middle of an encampment as another Unitologist ship takes off.

As you watch, several Stalkers run into the area and take cover behind the myriad of boxes and crates stacked all over the area. Of course, it’s not that simple as at the same time a thick snowstorm begins, cutting visibility to almost nothing. This makes it very difficult to see where the stalkers are and as a result, even harder to snipe their heads when they peek out at you. Keep your back protected to avoid being flanked and be prepared to pound your health button relentlessly.


As you move from the first open area with Stalkers to the next, look to the left to see the pale glow of a+3 Reload, +2 Clip Circuit sitting on top of a broken crane. As you keep moving through this area you will be attacked by several more packs of Stalkers. Eventually you will reach a ladder so should you choose flight over fight or run out of health packs you can make a mad dash for the ladder and climb up to safety instead. At the top, head straight ahead and into a small bunker where Isaac will have another mild attack. After passing through the door you will learn that at least Isaac isn’t the only one suffering from the aftereffects of the moon. Right as you enter the area, there is a work bench to your left to make any modifications or collect from your scavenge bots.


Exploring the larger section of the bunker off to your right will yield a text log on a shelf next to a supply room that requires a tungsten torque bar to open.


Use a torque bar on the supply room door in the bunker to gain access and find a +3 Damage, +3 Clip upgrade circuit. Once you’ve stocked up and finished catching your breath from the Stalker fight, leave the bunker and Isaac is reunited with Carver. Unfortunately you soon find out that you’ve also reunited with some pretty bad hallucinations.

After you’ve shaken it off, follow Carver’s instructions and activate the fuel pump. Fight off a few more hallucinations then climb up the ladder to reach Carver and a way off Tau Volantis. Unfortunately the ship isn’t quite able to make the journey alone so you’ll have to take another trip to the flotilla to search for the parts to make repairs.

Next up: Dead Space Awakened Walkthrough – Part 2

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