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Dead Space 3 Demo Racks Up Two Million Downloads

by Prima Games Staff

Dead Space 3 is definitely a highly anticipated title, and you don’t need to look any further than the latest download numbers for the demo for proof of that.

Electronic Arts revealed today that nearly two million people have downloaded the demo for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network since its release last month, trying out some of the new features and either tearing creatures to shreds or getting torn apart themselves.  That bodes well for the game’s release tomorrow, combined with the high pre-order numbers that EA talked about previously.

The company is hoping that the game clears five million units sold, and judging by the tension that has built over the course of the demo (it definitely ends on a scary note), it’s likely to get there. We’ll have more strategies for the game for you upon its release, as well as an Achievement Hunter report.

The demo is available now for download at no cost on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

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