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Dead Space 3 Demo Lurches Out At You In January

by Prima Games Staff

It looks like the New Year was built for destroying Xenomorphs.  Just ask Isaac Clarke, the main star of the Dead Space series.

Dead Space 3 is getting closer to its February release, and as a way to show gamers just what kind of nightmares they’re in for, Electronic Arts has announced that a demo will be available for it in January, featuring co-op features for players to try out, along with some powerful weapons to knock those dead things for a loop.

Ah, but there’s a neat twist here.  The general demo will come out on January 22nd for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, but if you own an Xbox 360, you can get the demo as soon as the 15th.  All you need to do is sign up over at, and you can access it much earlier.  A small price to pay for scratching that shooter itch you’ve been waiting to get rid of, ain’t it?

Dead Space 3 hits stores on February 5th here in the US, and three days later in Europe, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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