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Dead Space 3 Awakened Walkthrough Part 2

Dead Space 3 Awakened Walkthrough Part 2 of 3
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Finally free of Tau Volantis and one step closer to getting home and warning their home planet of the impending Brethren Moons, Isaac and Carver return to the flotilla in search of parts to repair their ship. Head back out into open space and follow your objective marker to the Terra Nova in search of the shockpoint drive you need.

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As soon as you exit into space, turn around and float toward the large chunk of debris with several thick cables coming from it. As you get near, you will see a +3 Rate of Fire, +2 Damage circuit floating nearby.

As you did much earlier during the main story, float in and up through the air locks to gain access to the interior of the ship.

Just on the other side of the air lock you will find a suit kiosk in case you wanted to change suits or make some RIG upgrades. Continue to the end of the hall and into the elevator. Since your only choices are your current floor and the second floor, head up a level and into one of the many parts of the ship that have been redecorated during your time on the planet’s surface.

On level two, head down the hallway to reach the cockpit of the ship. Follow your objective marker around to the right to be introduced to a strange new foe.

These Unitologist cultists are unique new foes that you will become intimately familiar with on the Terra Nova.

The biggest difference between the cultists and the necromorphs you are familiar with is these zealots are still alive. In an attempt to emulate the necromorphs they have removed their hands and attached blades to the ends of their arms and covered their faces with sacks. Fortunately, they also copy the tactics of slashers and charge directly at you. Their zeal has given them much more durability than other humans but unlike necromorphs, these crazed Unitologists can be taken down effectively by removing their heads.


You will find a +3 Reload, +3 Rate of Fire circuit on a panel in the cockpit to the right of the chairs.

Kill the cultists using your weapon of choice then move into the navigation room. Hack the access panel to lift the lockdown on level 3 then head back to the elevator and take it up to level 3.

If you need to, head back down to level 1 and the suit kiosk to make any other upgrades or suit changes before heading up.


There is a text log sitting on the ground near some candles to the right of the access panel that you just hacked.

Upon arrival at level 3 you are greeted by a rather unnerving cultist effigy but at least you can remain assured that they will remain stationary.


Get up close and personal with the necromorph effigy you see when you get off on level 3 and you can grab a text log from the ground in front of it.

Follow the objective marker down the hall and ladder then through the door to a large room filled with several of the strange Unitologist cultists.

They do not react to you, nor can you shoot them so just move ahead and witness a strange initiation ritual performed by Randall Carr, the leader of these cultists. Isaac will slip into a hallucination again and you must fight off several waves of deranged cultists until he snaps back to the real world.

Once you’ve looted the room, hop into the tram and take it to the mid station. When you arrive at the mid station, you are greeted by a familiar face and video recording. Back and to the right is an elevator and your objective while to the left is a small room with some supplies and a workbench.

Going forward you will be fighting mostly large groups of fairly weak enemies so a weapon with a shotgun tip is highly recommended.


The room containing the workbench wraps around to the left and leads right to a table with a MK-II stasis support sitting right on top.

Once you exit the elevator, head forward down the hall toward another of the cultist’s disturbing tributes to the necromorphs. Be prepared for Isaac’s hallucinations to take over again as you approach and are attacked at close range by a slasher.

Head down the hall and around to the right and you will enter a large, two-level room. Climb the staircase in the back to bear witness to another strange scene with the Unitologist zealots.

Approach Randall Carr, the large one with scythes on his back and it will be revealed that this was yet another hallucination and you are now face to face with some wasters. Fight them off until Isaac slips into another of the red-tinted hallucinations and you will face off against Carr. During these sequences it’s important to remember that Carr is immune to damage so keep your distance at all times. Should you get close, Carr will slowly raise his bloodied cleaver and then start slashing at you for considerable amounts of damage. At a distance, Carr will blur back and forth similar to a twitcher and will also fire stasis shots at you. Once you return to the real world, the room will start to flood with Feeders. Pull out your favorite Feeder whacker and rip them apart until the world turns red again.

Continue running from Carr until things snap back into place. While Isaac struggles with his remaining sanity, clean up all the goodies that litter the room after the fights then climb back upstairs and follow your objective marker through the large doors. This hallway will take you to another circular navigation room like on the fore deck where you will have to fend off a cultist that tries to ambush you from around a corner.


There is a text log hanging out in plain sight on a table to the right of the doors leading into the next area.

Continue following your objective marker through the next two rooms and enjoy the quick breather. You won’t have any enemies to face for a short time but it doesn’t stop Carr from hunting you randomly by flashing in and out of your vision. In the next two level room, head to the right and activate the switch to take the small cargo elevator down then double back through another set of double doors.

Eventually you will come to a small room and up on a platform to the right you will see Carr for just a split second before Isaac’s vision flashes and he vanishes.

In the next room, head forward and climb down the ladder to find a workbench and suit kiosk. Consider it a fair warning that things are probably about to go very, very wrong and make any changes to your equipment or install any new chips before climbing back up and into the next elevator.


There is a +3 Reload, +3 Clip circuit sitting on a table to your right in the upper section of this room.

The elevator takes you up and deposits you in a large cockpit-like room with the shockpoint drive at the far end near the viewing window.

Take any supplies you need from throughout the room because once you touch the shockpoint drive, things are really set into motion.


There is a MkII damage support sitting on the ground in the corner to your right after getting off the elevator.

As soon as you touch the shockpoint drive, you will find yourself transported once again to the strange landscape. At the far end you can see one of the markers, a black and red helix shaped statue. Within seconds, Carr blinks out of nowhere right in front of you, ready to hack you to bits with his cleaver.

Now you will have to contend with Feeders as well as Carr. The one advantage Isaac holds over these enemies is that they must be in melee range to damage you so use the stones and other debris throughout the area to keep your distance and stay on the move as much as possible. Periodically, the sky will fill with a yellow light that converges with the marker, turning the red highlights of it yellow.

This is your cue to unload as much ammo as you have into the marker until it breaks. It does not stay charged for long and will soon spawn more Feeders then fade back to its normal colors. This cycle will repeat endlessly until you successfully destroy the marker.

As soon as the marker is destroyed, Isaac will snap back to reality. Grab the shockpoint drive to start the final mad dash to return to Earth.

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