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Into the Dead 2 Throws You Back into the Zombie Apocalypse on October 13

by Christopher Buffa

There are so many running games available for smartphones and tablets that most of them look and feel the same. PikPok’s Into the Dead, however, is one of the exceptions. Released in 2012, this entertaining horror game combines endless running with zombies and a terrifying first-person perspective. In addition to playing beautifully, it’s visually appealing; definitely one of those games that proved that phones could handle more than simple-looking puzzle games.

Five years later and the developer is ready to launch the sequel worldwide. Into the Dead 2 takes what made its predecessor a guilty pleasure and appears to improve the formula with story elements, better-looking graphics and even more ways to destroy the undead. Ah yes, I left out that part. You don’t simply avoid zombies in these games. You blast off their heads with guns!

Watch the Into the Dead 2 trailer to see glimpses of the plot, along with some of the weapons that you’ll need to outlast your rotting adversaries. Of note, the crossbow, a double-barrel shotgun, the AK-47 and my personal favorite, the chainsaw that lets you carve up zombies without having to run around these creatures; definitely reminds of me those epic moments swinging the chainsaw in the DOOM series. There’s even a dog companion that runs alongside your character and takes down zombies, along with a vehicle with mini-gun attachment. 

All of this takes place across seven chapters, with 60 stages to explore and a variety of challenges to overcome. Quite the, ahem… meaty experience.

All of this and more should make Into the Dead 2 a worthy sequel. The game soft launched on the Australian App Store, and you can download it from that territory right now. Otherwise, you’ll need to wait until the official North American launch on October 13th, when it debuts on both Apple and Android devices. Of course if you never played the original Into the Dead, it’s still worth your time, especially with Halloween fast approaching. Download Into the Dead for iOS and Android! You can also pre-register for Into the Dead 2 right now if you have an Android powered device.

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