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DayZ – Rumored Features for Update 0.50 – Repeater Rifle, AKS-74U

by Prima Games Staff

What are we doing when we aren’t trying to keep ourselves from freezing or starving to death in DayZ, you ask? Simple, we’re combing the Inter-webs for information on what the future in Chernarus will look like, and as it turns out, the zombie apocalypse isn’t looking all that bad.

Our first stop was the DayZ Reddit, where we got an unofficial look at some the possible features coming with the stable version of Update 0.50. Currently, Update 0.50 is only live on experimental servers.

Take a look at some of the features players have spotted so far.

  • [Animation] Rain drops shows up on objects
  • [Gear] Skate Helmet
  • [Gear] Welding Mask
  • [Gear] Firefighters Helmet
  • [Gear] Range Finder
  • [Gear] Small Fish Trap
  • [Weapon] MP-133 Shotgun
  • [Weapon] Repeater Lever Action Rifle
  • [Weapon] Sledgehammer
  • [Loot] Increased spawning rate
  • [Server] Temperature settings changed from December to September
  • [Mechanic] Melee is more responsive
  • [Mechanic] Controls are fixed, except for running and tabbing
  • [UI] Improved HUD – Dragging items shows they space they require
  • [Animation] Running animation tweaked
  • [Animation] Breaking Chemlight
  • [Mechanic] Stitch yourself with a Sewing kit
  • [Mechanic] Removed ability to light fires indoors
  • [Animation] Breaking Road Flare

Just so we’re clear, that list is not confirmed. Those items, animations and mechanics are merely things that have been spotted in the experimental version of the game. Whether they get added with the stable version in Update 0.50, only time will tell.

As fans, however, we’re definitely excited to see the Repeater Lever Action Rifle, MP-133 Shotgun and the ability to sew up our wounds when we’re bleeding.

From there, our journey took us to the very popular fan site, DayZ TV, and it turns out they have even more potential goodies on display. Once again, the list below is only speculation, but it’s a safe bet that some if not all of these items and mechanics will eventually make their way into the game.

In order to avoid duplicates, if we listed something we saw on Reddit up above, we didn’t add it to the DayZTV list below, even if the item or feature appears on both.

  • [Weapon] AKS-74U
  • [Weapon] Steyr AUG
  • [Weapon] “Derringer” Small Pocket Pistol
  • [Weapon] Ak74M
  • [Gear] Fingerless Gloves
  • [Gear] SPOSN Backpack
  • [Gear] Waterproof Bag
  • [Gear] Bullet Proof Vest
  • [Gear] Rabbit Snare
  • [Gear] Small Fish Trap
  • [Gear] Range Finder
  • [Location] Svergino
  • [Location] Pobeda Dam
  • [Location] Svergino Castle
  • [Character] Grandpa Zombie

We won’t put you to sleep with another disclaimer, but we’re extremely excited for the possibility of new locations, as well as the Small Fish Trap and Rabbit Snare. You see, we’re the type of DayZ players who prefer to live off the land, generally avoiding cities like Berezino and Elektro.

While we all wait for the server restarts, loot spawning and lighting issues to get worked out in the near future, we thought we’d leave you with an awesome DayZ video by our good pal, KD Wolf. It’s compiled of three clips, which are equal parts skill and hilarity.

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