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DayZ 0.52 Experimental, Swords, Suppressors, Chainsaw, Christmas Trees

by Prima Games Staff

With DayZ experimental update 0.52 going live on December 17, 2014, players saw a massive amount of content added to the game, with some concepts being quite depressing, while other aspects are downright cute and cuddly.

Below you’ll find an unofficial, and potentially incomplete list of what the update contains. Of course, as we learn more we’ll be sure to add it on. If you spot anything that should be included, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

Cleaver – This can be used to skin and quarter bodies, kill zombies or even melee other players. It seems to be a middle-of-the-road option, better than the knife and worse than the axe in that regard.

Christmas Tree – Players will find Christmas trees in many of the major towns and cities in Chernarus, and underneath them will be several teddy bears. Inside each bear are random gifts from Bohemia in the form of loot.

East/NATO Suppressors – Depending on which one you pick up, these can be attached to various weapons in the game, and actually work. On a side note, it appears that the bugged gunshot sounds that have plagued DayZ for months have been fixed.

Bomber Jacket – If you’re not into wearing the puffy coat, and you aren’t particularly a fan of the Riders Jacket (although we’re not sure why you wouldn’t be), players can now choose from Bombers Jackets that come in several different colors.

Cut Seeds from Tomatoes/Peppers – Tomato seeds have been in the game for some time, but now seeds can be cut directly from the food itself. This also applies to peppers.

Make a Garden Plot – Players will now be able to make a garden almost anywhere so long as they have the tools and loot needed to do so.

Dresses – It seems bandits (and KD Wolf) are the happiest people about dresses being in the game, as this provides a perfect opportunity to knock other survivors unconscious and dress them up. Hiding in a shed and giggling as they wake up is optional.

Sword – The game now has swords, and they do all the cool things that swords do… like cut people.

Hockey Stick – The hockey stick will keep Canadian DayZ players happy for months to come, as they will undoubtedly be using them in place of more efficient weapons, such as guns.

New Pain Killer Texture – Same groovy medicine in a new groovy package.

Green Paramedic Pants/Jacket – For players that feel like role-playing DayZ, why not dress up as a paramedic, run into Elektro and try to save lives? Let us know how long you live for.

Hunting Knife – Knives were already in the game, so this just serves as another variation on what’s currently being used. We’re not aware of how it performs at skinning and quartering animals compared to the Kitchen Knife. Feel free to compare and update us.

Pile of Guts – When you skin and quarter an animal you’ll now be left with a pile of guts, which in the interest of realism, will remain warm in your inventory for some time. Keep us posted on whether or not you can eat these, and what doing so does to you.

Suicide – Players can commit suicide with a knife or gun by pressing F11. We’d advise pressing that button with empty hands unless you feel like running back to your body.

Heart Symbol – We’re not sure if it will stick around beyond the holiday season, but giving someone the middle finger has been replaced with a heart symbol that players make with their hands. This is done by pressing F4.

Scopes in Hands – A long requested feature, players can now look down their scopes even if it isn’t attached to a weapon. This is done by putting it in your hands, much the same way binoculars work. It also means that anyone with a long range can essentially save the inventory slots that binoculars would take up.

Blue V3S Truck – Along with some changes to the interior, the V3S truck now comes in blue, with reports that other colors may exist as well. If you can confirm any other colors we’d love for you to let us know.

Cooking Tripod – This will come in handy for the two percent of players that actually cook something (besides human meat) on an open flame. We’ve yet to use it or see it in use, but it does exist.

Flare Gun Round – Just as the name suggests, although we have yet to see confirmation of the gun itself.

Chainsaw – As you might have seen from the article images, chainsaws are in, and yes they do require fuel to function. DayZ chainsaws can do everything that regular chainsaws can do. Big shout out and thanks to KD “Imma Eat-Chu” Wolf for the image.

JoeyX Sunglasses – Nifty new sunglasses for those that care about post-apocalyptic appearances.

Digger – You can’t do anything with it, but you can look at it in all its glory at the Severograd quarry. There is also a new building there that you can investigate, although it seems fairly easy to fall off of.

Chernarus Prisoners Uniform – New clothes. Potentially something that you can put hostages in when you have them handcuffed and feel like doing some role-playing.

Improvised Knife – Players can find rocks in places where rocks are found. Pick it up into your hands, then look at the ground and craft an improvised knife. No word on how effective it is just yet. We imagine it hurts, even if just a little.

Big shout out to Kenste, who’s video provided a great deal of the information you read in this article. Check out his video to see most of these features in action.