Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough: No-Man’s Wharf – How to Summon the Ship

How to find the Flexile Sentry boss in part eight of Prima’s Dark Souls 2 complete walkthrough.

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Watch out for the archer across the area, as he constantly shoots arrows in your direction until defeated. Head down the stairs and to the left. Defeat the enemy, then continue across the small wooden bridge. Go into the room on the left and take out the two enemies inside. Continue up the stairs and open the chest at the top to find another Titanite Shard.

Head through the doorway and take down the enemy just outside. This type of enemy uses a Estus Flask similar to the ones in your inventory. If you damage the enemy and then give him space, he will use the Estus Flask to regain lost health. Stay close to the enemy to ensure this does not happen.

Pick up the item at the end of the platform to obtain another Soul of a Proud Knight, then head back downstairs. Go through the doorway and proceed to the left. Defeat the two enemies, then head down the path to the left. Drop down into the water to pick up the item to the left to obtain a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and a Lifegem.

Continue down the wooden path, take out the enemy at the end, then head into the house on the left and defeat the enemy inside. Pick up the item in the house to find three Dark Pine Resins. Leave the house and continue to the left, into the run down structure ahead. Destroy the crates in the corner to find 10 Iron Arrows.

Leave the structure and go up the stairs to the right. There are several enemies at the very top of the stairs that will gang up on you if you attempt a frontal assault, but before you engage them, go halfway up the stairs and head to the right. Take out the two soldiers and the dog that attack, then head inside the garrison ahead.

Kill the three enemies on the ground floor, then open the coffer to the left to find a Bandit Axe, Brigand Hood, Brigand Armor, Brigand Gauntlets and Brigand Trousers. Head up the stairs on the far side of the room and take out the two enemies on the second floor. Open the chest at the end of the room to find Repair Powder and a Titanite Shard.

Head back downstairs and out the front door, then walk straight ahead to find a face on the ground by the edge of the cliff. Insert a Pharros’ Lockstone to illuminate the area, which weakens the demonic beasts and prevents them from moving about freely. Continue forward and down the small wooden ramp to the left to find a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and three Small Smooth & Silky Stones.

Drop down to the ledge below and head up the stairs to the far right. Instead of a full frontal assault on the enemies at the top, head into the building on the left about halfway up the stairs and use the stairs inside to reach the top. Take out the single enemy, then head through the doorway and into the building across the way. Defeat the one enemy inside, then wait for the next closest enemy just outside to get within range. Let him see you, then run back into the building and engage him there.

At this point, there’s only one soldier and a dog left to defeat. If you have ranged weaponry, take them out from the relative safety of the building. If not, take them down head on, then proceed to the left, up the stairs and around the corner to engage the three beasts ahead. If you illuminated the area, you can pass with ease, but if not, you’ll have to fight them off. Take them on one at a time and head back down the stairs if you need to stop to replenish health. They will not follow you down the stairs.

On the edge of the cliff ahead is a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and an Emit Force. Pick the items up, then head into the building just ahead. Equip a ranged weapon and open the door on the left. Two more beasts are inside, but they can’t fit through the door, and it takes them a bit to break down the wall. Use this time to inflict as much damage as possible with your ranged weaponry. Even with the area illuminated, the structure hides the beasts in the shadows and allows them to attack while inside.

Head into the adjacent room, but watch out for the third beast that waits upstairs and will make its way down if given enough time. Go upstairs, take out the two additional beasts and head through the door to speak with Gavlan in the corner to purchase poison weapons and other merchandise, or sell items in your inventory. There are also two chests on the other side of the room. The chest on the right poisons you if you open it (so be ready with medicine) and contains a pair of Silver Talisman. The chest on the left is safe to open and contains a Greatsword.

Go back downstairs and outside, then head to the left into the next building. Take out the enemy on the bottom floor, then head up the stairs to finish up the second guard. Move out to the balcony and up the stairs to the left. Pull the lever on the platform above to summon the ship, then drop down and pick up the item to find two Lifegems and a Homeward Bone.

Drop down below the platform with the lever, then head inside and down the stairs. There are 10 Fire Arrows in the middle of the stairs, and two more demonic beasts on the floor below. Use ranged attacks from the stairs to prevent the beasts from ganging up on you. When they get close, switch back to close-ranged attacks to finish each one off.

Head through the door in the corner, then make your way to the right and down the rocky ramp. You can head down the stairs to the right to continue progressing through the area, or if you want to clean up the rest of the enemies, go into the house to the right and up the stairs. A single guard is waiting here. Take him down, then head up to the third floor and through the short hallway. Pull the rope on the right, near the gate at the end. This connects the previous area to the location you’re currently in, so if you took out all of the guards beforehand, there won’t be any left.

Return to the area with the rocky ramp and head down the stairs. There are two more demonic beasts in the building to the left. Continue down the path to find a Human Effigy and two Lifegems on the row boat, and another guard to the right. Take the pier to the right and watch out for the two guards hiding below.

Follow the pier as it turns to the left, then head up the stairs and speak with Carhillion, the man sitting on the platform above. If you’re not a magic user, you won’t get much out of Carhillion. Head back to the pier and go right at the intersection toward the ship.

Board the ship and take out the archer to the left. This alerts the two guards on the other side of the ship. Wait for them to approach, then take them both down and head for the far side of the ship. Take down the remaining archer positioned near the wheel, then head back to the deck and through the doorway.

Continue down the stairs and through the mist at the bottom to engage in a boss battle against the Flexile Sentry. 

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