Dark Souls 2 Guide: How to Beat The Lost Sinner

Destroy this boss to earn the Soul of the Lost Sinner.

Continue your journey with Prima’s Dark Souls 2 Guide and Walkthrough!

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Reward: Soul of the Lost Sinner

There’s one very important aspect to this boss battle. To make this a relatively easy fight, you need a shield that absorbs 100 percent damage. The Drangleic Shield is one such item, and it is obtained after defeating the Pursuer. Simply move into the area just beyond where you engage the Pursuer, drop down through the large hole in the ground. At the bottom is a body that holds the entire Drangleic set of items, including the Drangleic Shield.

The reason it’s extremely beneficial to go into this fight with a 100 percent damage reduction shield is because the Lost Sinner is very agile and attacks frequently. You won’t get many opportunities to attack the Lost Sinner, and when you can attack, it will only be with one or two hits before you need to block again.

Before the fight begins, turn the brightness settings all the way up. Unless you’ve already obtained the Bastille Key, this fight takes place in a  dark area. In fact, the area is so dark that if you get even half way across the room, you will lose your lock on the Lost Sinner.

At the beginning of the fight, the Lost Sinner charges towards you. Block or evade his initial attack, then stick as close to him as possible. He uses two consecutive attacks that cover a circular area in front of him. On occasion, this is followed by a heavy but linear attack that’s easily evaded to the left or right. He’ll also use a single forward stab that’s equally linear, and occasionally he’ll jump over you and attack from the opposite side.

Stay close to the Sinner at all times, and make sure you always have at least a little bit of stamina so you can block his attacks without taking damage. Never attack so much that you’re out of stamina, and do not let the Sinner get too far away from you. Just continually circle around the Sinner until it uses the two circular attacks, his jumping attack or his running stab. After any of these attacks, you have time for at least one counter attack. The time you have to attack after the running stab is a little shorter compared to the other two attacks, so you must be quick.

With the Sinner down, open the double doors at the far end of the area and continue down the stairs. Open the coffer in the next room to find a Fragment Branch of Yore and an Elizabeth Mushroom. The Fragment Branch of Yore restores living things from petrification, which can be used in multiple areas, including the upstairs area of the Lost Bastille.

Light the primal bonfire in the next room, which transports you back to Majula. Level up, then determine what you would like to do next. You can head to the Belfry Luna, or if you’re a mage class, you can unpetrify the wizard Straid and get a few nice spells, or you can use the Fragment Branch of Yore to clear the path near Majula.

If you’re a mage class and opt to wait on the alternate Majula path, travel back to the Sinner’s Rise and take the ladder downstairs. Head across the bridge to the Lost Bastille, take out the guard on the far side of the bridge and the two enemies in the room at the end of the bridge. Head up the stairs and get the attention of one or two of the enemies on the floor above. Lure them down to the lower floor to take them out in smaller numbers. Repeat this process until the floor above is clear, then use the Fragment Branch of Yore to bring Straid (the petrified man) back to life. Speak with him and he teaches you the mock gesture, and allows you to purchase various spells.

Travel to the Lost Bastille (Servants’ Quarters) bonfire and clean up some items before you head into Belfry Luna. Head up the stairs and through the door. Cross the makeshift bridge and head to the right. When you reach the next room, go through the doorway to the left and to the end of the path where the wall is broken on the right. Drop down onto the roof, then use the wooden structure below to jump over to the opposite rooftop.

Pick up the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier to the left of the ladder. Drop down to the area below and take care of the four dogs that attack Be careful not to hit the well or you’ll have to deal with even more enemies. Head into the room at the end and take out the guard that awaits. Move into the cell in the corner, then immediately back out and wait for the two enemies to come out into the open room.

Defeat the enemies, then go into the cell to find two Flame Butterflies. Go back into the main room and destroy the wood blocking the opening in the corner to reveal the courtyard near the entrance to the Lost Bastille. You should be able to take down the White Knight up the ladder in the courtyard, if you so choose. Doing so rewards you with a low level Heide Spear, but a moderate amount of souls.

Head back outside where you fought the dogs and go through the door dead ahead. Take down the three guards inside, then climb up the ladder to the left to find a Green Blossom and a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

Head back outside and make your way down the alley to the side of the building. At the end of the alley is a ladder. Climb up and enter the building through the window. Use a roll to destroy the boxes straight ahead and reveal a small passageway. Take out the two guards in the next room and open the chest on the left to obtain a Bone Staff.

Do not use the Pharros’ Lockstone at the entrance, as it leads to an area you have already been. You have done everything you can do in this section for the moment, so head back to the Lost Bastille (Servants’ Quarters) bonfire and go down the ladder near the corner of the room.

Kill the dog that awaits below, then use the Pharros’ Lockstone in the center of the wall. Attack the ghostly image that appears on the adjacent wall to reveal a corridor behind it. Head across to enter Belfry Luna.

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