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CS:GO Danger Zone Adds Respawning, Pings, and Jump Boots In New Update

by Liana Ruppert

With battle royale games like Blackout, Apex Legends, and even Fortnite, CS:GO’s take seemed more than a little dry in comparison. The team behind Danger Zone is looking to change that and their latest update does just that with the addition of respawns and the inclusion of jump boots. 

Pinging is an awesome feature that Apex Legends players loved. What made it so great is that teams could have entire conversations about strategy without ever actually having to talk to each other, which is great when playing with randoms. Up until now, Danger Zone didn’t have that but now they do in addition to respawns, which those two features alone make this particular pvp experience much more enjoyable. 

As for what else is new in Danger Zone: 

  •  Updated Danger Zone with a new map, new items, respawning, and more. 
  •  ExoJump Boots are now available. Hold the jump key for a high jump or crouch before jumping for a long jump.
  •  Bump Mines are now available. Toss one on the ground to send yourself (or an opponent) flying.
  •  The remaining new items and upgrades will be unlocked in future updates — check back and see what’s new!
  •  Blacksite is temporarily unavailable in official matchmaking.
  •  Your teammate will now appear wearing a blue uniform.
  •  A player pinging system has been added, bound to Mouse 3 by default (command “player_ping”)
  •  A radial weapon select menu has been added to allow quick visual selection of weapons/items. This menu is customizable by editing the radial_quickinventory.txt file. (command “+quickinv”)

The new titular map is a pretty exciting addition as well with its desert biome and huge vicinity. For those that have the ability to stealth – i.e, not me – this map has tons of hidey-hole places that are perfect for the ultimate takedown. 


Liana Ruppert

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