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Crysis Remastered Release Date Revealed For PC and Consoles

by Eric Garrett

The days of asking if it can run Crysis will soon be a thing of the past, even if it is currently in the past, but the Internet never forgets. This is because Crysis Remastered has a new release date, which isn’t too far away, as well as a tech trailer that shows off some seriously gorgeous visuals.

Crytek and Saber Interactive have revealed a new tech trailer for Crysis Remastered, which features a look at what players can expect from the overhauled and upgraded experience. By the looks of it, the upcoming title is going to put some machines to work as the visuals are absolutely stunning. Ray tracing, 8K textures, new lighting and updated assets, and more are all shown off in the video and compared to what they once were.

As can be seen in the trailer above, Crysis Remastered will be coming to PC and consoles on September 18th. The game was delayed last month following a leak that showed off some of the visuals. Fans were not exactly thrilled with what they saw, which prompted Crytek to delay the game for all platforms except the Nintendo Switch. After all, the popular portable console is not capable of pulling off the same visuals as PC and the other systems, but it can still run the game and that’s what counts. 

It may have taken the developers a bit longer to get the game to other platforms than initially intended, but based on the trailer above, the result will be well worth the wait. For those playing on PC, however, this may be a title that puts your machine to the test. That is, of course, if you wish to play it on the highest settings. 

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Crysis Remastered is currently available on Nintendo Switch and will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 18th. As it currently stands, the PC version is exclusive to the Epic Games Store with no word on when or if it will be coming to Steam.

What do you think about all of this? Do you believe that your current PC will indeed be able to run Crysis Remastered, or do you not have to worry about such things as you’ll be partaking on a console? Sound off with your thoughts over on our Twitter @PrimaGames!