If you were expecting nothing but Angry Birds in Rovio’s future, you’d better think again.  While the super-popular series has definitely boosted the revenue of the developer, that isn’t limiting their game-making resources.

The company has announced its next project, Amazing Alex, will hit iOS and other mobile devices in just a couple of months.  The game is loosely based on an IP by a Finnish developer called Casey’s Contraptions, which was recently licensed by Rovio.  In it, you’ll be building things, Rube Goldberg style, and watching as the results unfold from each creation you put together.

“The gameplay is a perfect fit in our arsenal with its approachable, fun and highly addictive take on the physics puzzle genre, “ said Rovio’s VP of franchise development, Ville Heijari, in a discussion with Gamasutra.  “We are currently reworking the title to enhance it, and getting ready to re-introduce it in a true ‘expect the unexpected’ Rovio style launch to an even bigger audience.”

We’re eager to see how it turns out!