Cliff Bleszinski has been pretty much enjoying a luxurious vacation with his wife following his departure from Epic Games a month ago, but that isn't stopping him from toying around with the idea of working with others. Rumor has it he's been shopping around a number of developers to see what's shaking, and most recently, he's actually put out a public call to Capcom, stating that he can tinker with Resident Evil to make it better.


In a tweet from his account, he stated, "Hey, Capcom, call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together."


Apparently, he wasn't too thrilled with how Resident Evil 6 turned out (he certainly wasn't alone) and may be interested in doing something a bit differently. But it's interesting how Capcom UK tweeted back, "Bring pizza."


This could just be a humorous tweet, and shouldn't be considered a "megaton" style announcement. Still, we can't help but wonder…what if? It'd be interesting for Cliffy B. to lend his action talents to Resident Evil. We'd definitely saw more zombies in half, that's for sure.