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Check Out These Amazing Friday Night Funkin’ Acapella Covers

by Morgan Shaver

One of our all-time favorite musicians on YouTube is Smooth McGroove who’s known for doing acapella covers of video game music like Megalovania from Undertale and Theme “A” from Tetris. Over the last few weeks, he’s covered tracks from the latest hit indie game Friday Night Funkin’.

Adding to the already fantastic assortment of songs like Roses and Dad Battle, Smooth McGroove posted an acapella cover of “Ugh” from Friday Night Funkin’ today and it’s so good we can’t help but talk about it – and the rest of his FNF covers.

Even if you’ve never played Friday Night Funkin’ before, these covers are sure to put you in an upbeat, funky mood!

Check Out These Amazing Friday Night Funkin’ Acapella Covers

Photo Credit: Smooth McGroove

Smooth McGroove is a master at acapella covers, recording himself making vocal sounds in place of instruments and editing all of those recordings together to produce a track that sounds like – or is reminiscent of – the original piece of music.

Smooth McGroove has done a number of these covers over the years and has garnered a lot of attention, with videos like his cover of Megalovania from Undertale sitting at a whopping 39 million views as of the time of this writing.  

Recently, an indie game called Friday Night Funkin’ has begun to rise in popularity. It’s an amazing game, and we have a few pieces up on the site talking about Friday Night Funkin’ and some of the mods that are available for the game if you’re interested.

Speaking of mods, some of the reactions to Smooth McGroove’s covers of Friday Night Funkin’ songs have included suggestions that a mod featuring Smooth McGroove’s covers should be created and we definitely agree. 

Listening to each of the covers, it’s not hard to see why as they capture everything that’s great about the songs from Friday Night Funkin’ while adding a nice, original touch thanks to Smooth McGroove’s acapella skills. 

Currently, Smooth McGroove has covers of tracks including M.I.L.F., Roses, Dad Battle, and Ugh. In the video description for the cover of Ugh, Smooth McGroove writes

“I’ve never done a song with so much BASS!!! Pretty fun to do weird songs like this, or ‘weird for A Cappella’ I mean. In the end, the curiosity of what it would sound like in all-voices keeps me doing these 🙂 My new kitty Angel stars in this one.

This song had some big challenges, like so much bass to record and also some crazy double-bass drum overdubbing I had to do…and claps! The stuttering digital U-UGH that Tankman does, well, I decided to leave that out because it didn’t sound good unless I chopped it up digitally like in the original.

Shoutout to @Kawai Sprite for writing weird & good music and @Flippy for the perfect gameplay.”

You can check out the cover of “Ugh” from Friday Night Funkin’ over on Smooth McGroove’s YouTube channel, and we’ve embedded the video for you below. If you enjoy his covers as much as we do, we also recommend subscribing to his channel if you haven’t already! 

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