Chaos Takes Over as Minecraft Players Fight Over the Latest Mob Vote

Just add them all and call it a day

Minecraft Mob Vote Chaos Featured

It’s that time of the year again when Minecraft players (try to) get together and decide the next mob to be added to the game. This year’s mob vote has barely started, but people have already lit their pitchforks, ready to prick anyone voting for the “wrong” choice. How dare you want to have penguins in my silly construction game?!

Mojang has given us three new possible mob options: the Crab, the Armadillo, and the Penguin. The Crab gives you more reach when placing blocks with its claw, while the Armadillo lets you craft something that people have been asking for a while: Wolf Armor! Penguin, on the other hand, gives you a boring speed boost to your boat.

But only one can take the crown, even though players claim that it would be perfectly feasible to add them all. The Sniffer was last year’s big winner and eventually found its way into the game a few months ago, but we never heard of its fellow competitors Rascal and Tuff Golem, ever again. So whoever loses this is possibly saying goodbye forever.

And that’s where the problems begin. All three options are great for different reasons. All of them already have faithful supporters backing them up. Everyone’s in shambles. Mojang, just why?! Mob Vote will begin on October 13th and last for 48 hours, with the winner possibly being added sometime next year.

People are already rooting for their favorites in the comments; some are already dooming about the final results being terrible. User RaFe commented, “There’s a clear winner, but we all know how this goes every time.” But said winner could be different for everyone

Different communities seem to have their favorites. It’s easy to see lots of Crab enthusiasts who value function over form while browsing Reddit, but folks back on Twitter seem to be more vocal about their Armadillo love. Or rather, dog love because protecting your best friend is almost as important as petting them.

The penguin seems to be the butt of the joke here. Almost no one cares about extra boat speed, but the penguin is too cute to pass. I mean, look at him! Unfortunately, our feathery friend is being deemed as the worst option out there by some people, especially because Dolphins can do basically the same thing.

But almost everyone agrees that all of them should be added. A Reddit thread by user half_eaten_pretzel currently has over 6000 upvotes saying just that. And it’s easy to find similar comments in anything regarding the Mob Vote.

Personally, I would love to see those silly red-beaked birds in my game. And since this is Minecraft we’re talking about, modders may grace us with the to-be-discarded mobs once votes are closed. But maybe Mojang will change their minds and decide to bring them all along the way. Miracles do happen sometimes. Could that be the case here?

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