Century: Age of Ashes, the Dragon dogfighting game developed by Playwing has a brand new gameplay trailer.

The trailer showcases what players can expect from the closed beta test that is running from March 12 through March 21 and will carry player progression into the Early Access launch in April. 

Century: Age of Ashes Gameplay Trailer and Closed Beta Dates Revealed

Century had a smaller scale Playtest a few months ago, which we enjoyed quite a bit. This beta, however, is much more feature-rich since the last time we’ve seen the game.

Some new features found in the closed beta include a Free Flight mode that allows players to familiarize themselves with the dragon’s controls and fight against bots. 

The shop will also be open for players to spend both in-game and real money currency to purchase cosmetics. All of your purchases will carry over into the Early Access release.

You can check out some other improvements coming to the game from the press release below.

  • Adding a penalty system for players who leave rounds early /li>
  • The shop will be open! You’ll be able to spend your earned currencies, but won’t be able to pay with real money
  • Leaderboard will be available 
  • Global ping improvement
  • Improved Mouse / Keyboard controls
  • General sound design improvements to improve the sensation when players hit an enemy
  • The progression system has been rebalanced. We want the level up system to feel more of an accomplishment

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