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Cayde-6 Returns In New Destiny 2 Comic

by Liana Ruppert

Cayde-6 may be dead in Destiny 2, but he never left our hearts. Or our comics, apparently, as Bungie reveals a brand new experience for fans to enjoy that reflects back on when Cayde-6 created his ultimate team of friends and badasses. 

The new comic, called Cayde’s Six (clever), kicks off with everyone’s favorite Hunter as he opens up about how one singular bounty went horribly, horribly wrong. Despite things not going according to plan, it also went amazingly, amazingly right because Cayde-6 and the gang have plan. 

Fans of the Bungie shooter first met Hawthorne in the sequel, and she played an intricate role in both the main story and the endgame. The new comic lets us see her once more in addition to Banshee-44, Petra Venj, and Nadiya. And Jin. You can’t forget Jin.

The latest comic is available – and completely free – so if Cayde suits your fancy, feel free to mosey on over here to get your read on

In other Destiny 2 news, The Revelry will be kicking off here shortly for those looking to get into the Spring time spirit. According to the studio, “The Revelry is a new event available to all Destiny 2 players that celebrates the joy of Spring. The Tower is overflowing with colorful arrangements, and Eva Levante has a new activity for you to enjoy with new rewards to claim. But that’s just the beginning–the celebration spans across the solar system, offering ways for your character to feel more powerful in every activity Destiny 2 has to offer.”

You can learn all about the setting, and the rewards, for The Revelry right here

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