Ever since its release on Xbox Live and PC over the summer, CastleStorm has stirred up a great deal of attention. It's easily deserved, thanks to its creative mix of castle-destroying strategy and knight-battling action. Now, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners will get a turn.

Zen Studios has announced that the game will make its debut on those platforms on November 5th. In addition, it's eligible for the Cross-Buy program, which means if you buy one version, you'll automatically receive the second one free of charge. There's nothing wrong with a two-for-one deal – especially when it has destruction of this magnitude.

On top of being able to destroy enemy castles, you'll be able to build and defend your own as well. We've included a video below that shows you just how to make the most ideal one.

CastleStorm is available now for Xbox Live Arcade and PC.