More bits and pieces have leaked out indicating that Sega is bringing back its classic Sega Genesis platformer Castle of Illusion in a new high-definition gloss.

The adventure game with Mickey Mouse in the lead role was a big hit back in the day, as he bravely fought through imaginative worlds while butting heads with the evil witch Mizrabel in an effort to save his beloved Minnie Mouse.  It would be a good fit with today's audiences, especially with the popularity of Disney.

Following some interesting Xbox Live-inspired art that came earlier this week, Sega has released a cryptic new trailer that features toy soldiers walking and Mizrabel peering out a window on a stormy night, followed by the date summer 2013.  Though Castle of Illusion isn't mentioned by name, it definitely has some Disney influence behind it.

Watch the trailer here and look for more information once Sega confirms the game this Summer.  Can we get World of Illusion too?