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Capcom Showcase 2022 Roundup: Sunbreak Demo, Exoprimal Beta, Village DLC and More

Everyone pray for Resident Evil Re:Verse

by Lucas White

Capcom aired its 2022 Showcase event today, providing the gaming community with news on its upcoming and current software. There were no huge “megaton” announcements (since Sony got the Resident Evil 4 reveal), but there was still a lot of news across Capcom’s stable. Even Dragon’s Dogma got some airtime, but… fans probably aren’t thrilled about it. Here’s a quick recap of the major bullet points from Capcom Showcase 2022.

Monster Hunter

  • Sunbreak demo arriving on Switch and PC June 14, 2022. Includes four monster fights, training and new mechanics
  • Free updates coming through 2023, with the first in August adding Lucent Nargacuga to the game


  • More information on what the actual gameplay structure is. Dino Survival is the main mode comprising several mission types, storytelling and progression rewards
  • A closed network test is coming, and signups are live (no date yet)

Dragon’s Dogma

  • Itsuno made a brief appearance to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. Further streams will air throughout the week to celebrate, but they don’t appear to be news-oriented.

Resident Evil

  • Resident Evil Village DLC coming October 28, and a Gold Edition will drop the same day
  • DLC includes Shadow of Rose story content, new content for Mercenaries and a new third-person mode for the main game.
  • Re:Verse multiplayer mode gets its third release date, also October 28. Hopefully it works out this time!
  • More details were shown for Resident Evil 4, due March 24, 2023. We got a clear look at Leon’s slightly older face, and a little bit of gameplay footage. The scenario was also reintroduced for fans who didn’t already know.
  • Finally, current-generation updates have rolled out for Resident Evil 7, 2 and 3. Folks who already own these games will get free update options on PS5, and of course Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X|S.

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That’s all for this year! 2023 is looking to be pretty busy for Capcom, especially with Resident Evil 4 dropping so early in the year. This is on top of Street Fighter 6, which we already know some stuff about. Compared to last year, there was quite a lot of news, and while the Dragon’s Dogma thing was weird it was nice to see it acknowledged.

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