Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough – Clockwork

Complete guide to the game's 10th mission, Clockwork.

When the cut scene plays, Elias confirms that the missile launch did not hit the United States. They aren’t sure where it hit, but he’s sending Hesh and Logan to find out. You’re objective is to infiltrate a facility located in the Andes and find out everything you can about their missile program.

Follow your squad through the snow towards the guard tower. Snipe the guards as you’re instructed. If there are multiples, you fire first. Follow the on-screen indicator to clear the dead body and wait for the patrol. When told, take out the driver in the lead vehicle and jump in. Keegan will drive to your objective, so just enjoy the ride and listen to Merrick’s advice. 

When you reach the objective, follow your squad until the timer ticks down. When the power goes out, activate your Night Vision Goggles. The enemy can’t see you right now, so you shouldn’t have trouble taking them out. Pick up the drill when you can. There’s a monitor to make sure you drill to the right depth, so pay close attention to it. 

The power is back on and engagements are back to normal. Use cover and push through the resistance with your squad. When you reach the nest, drop your bag on the table. You’re given a turret, mines, claymores and tear gas. Deploy the turret at the bottom of the steps and face the main door. Grab the mines and claymores and deploy them throughout the room. When the Federation forces hit, take cover and drop as many as you can. If the turret is in a good place, it should do most of the heavy lifting. You will be attacked from the left and right flanks, so keep a sharp ear for your squad to warn you. Don’t let your grenades go to waste. Throw them to keep the advancing forces off you. When the data is collected, toss your tear gas and make your escape.

Follow your squad as you walk past the enemy forces. You’re disguised as Federation soldiers, so just keep moving. When you reach the vehicles, jump inside and hear that the data you just stole contains kill estimates for cities around the United States. Your cover is blown when you’re stopped at a checkpoint. Jump on the turret and listen to your squad to call out enemy opposition. Shoot the ice in front of the vehicles chasing you. Depending on the platform you’re playing on, you can earn the Deep Freeze Trophy or Achievement by dropping eight vehicles into ice holes. When you reach the extraction, you complete the mission.

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