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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 3 – In Darkness

Intercept the 54i shipment, use the anchor to make it past the wind and explore Black Station.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 3: In Darkness introduces the player to his or her safe house, allowing them to prepare for upcoming missions. For now, we suggest examining the Cyber Core Station.  Interact with it to see the Control Core Upgrades screen. This lets you spend mission points on DNI abilities. 

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Before starting this mission, spend points to access Martial abilities and focus on Cunning tree, which allows you to take cover while battling human and robot adversaries. 

Now proceed to the Control Core table, where you’re able to unlock new weapons and create up to five Campaign load outs.  

Intercept the 54i Shipment 

Hendricks gives you an anchor staff to withstand the 150 mile-per-hour winds. Stay close to him until the cut scene plays. 

Neutralize the 54i Combatants 

Hendricks opens fire on the 54 Immortal thugs. Use your Micro-Missile launcher (press the Special Weapon button) to target enemies and let them have it. Now go back to your primary weapon and take cover. 

Now you must contend with a Warlord, a super soldier with an LMG. Since this guy is resistant to missiles, hit him with short controlled bursts from your assault rifle. 

Matched Firepower Accolade: Kill everyone in this area except for the Warlord, then use cover to move to the Technical. Now use it to destroy the Warlord. This won’t work on Realistic difficulty. 

Blown Away: Kill the Warlord with an explosive barrel. You can damage this adversary with other weapons first, but the explosion must deal the final blow. 

After taking down the Warlord, use your Micro-Missile launcher to kill remaining enemies. Now activate camouflage and rejoin Hendricks. More enemies arrive, so refill your ammunition using the ammo crates and hit them with missiles. 

Proceed through the square and rely on your Martial Cybercore abilities to take cover and disable enemy weaponry. Hendricks eventually tells you the coast is clear.

Go to the Docks 

Hendricks leads you across a cargo crate. The wind grows fierce and you’ll need to utilize the anchor to push back against the harsh weather. Press and then hold the button to put the anchor in place, and when the wind ceases, quickly jump to push forward. Repeat the process until you make it to the next area.

No Prisoners Accolade: While overlooking the street, make note of the power station in front of your position. You’ll see enemies trying to flee. Equip a long-range weapon and shoot the power conductor on the left to take them all down. 

When you reach the next building, stay with Hendricks and then fall onto the flooded street. Make it through the waves using the pole driver. When you make it outside, you’ll see enemies defending a building. 

Stick to cover and switch to your Micro-Missile launcher to dispose of the enemies. Wait until the Technical shows up on the left. Slaughter three enemies inside of this area and move across the street to the building. There are more bad guys in there, so use cover as much as possible while following Hendricks. 

Intercept the 54i Shipment 

Head to the docks and take cover behind the crates. Kill the enemies and when the Technical appears, target the gunner. Now move forward towards the ship, battling enemies armed with SMGs and Assault Rifles. Your Tactical HUD makes this firefight a lot easier. 

Establish Contact with the Black Station 

Search for the crate with the terminal. Hack this equipment and get in touch with Black Station. 

Breach the Wheelhouse Door 

When you complete the hack, head to the bottom door leading to the boat’s bridge. Interact with this door to breach it. 

Breach and Clear Accolade: During the breach sequence, achieve three headshots. 

Go to the 54i Communications Hub 

Move through the water-logged subway. Keep a close eye on your oxygen meter to avoid drowning. You can always resurface to replenish oxygen.

Stay with Hendricks and ascend the escalator. Get ready to battle 54i robots and human adversaries.

Fire for Effect Accolade: When Hendricks prepares to take out the Fireflies, go to the first sandbag and look for a clear shot on all of the enemies. Now hit them with a five-missile volley. 

If you don’t go for the accolade, rely on your Micro-Missile launcher and assault rifle. As you advance, use Tactical mode to kill enemies behind walls. Do not rush in. Hang back and pick off bad guys from a relatively safe distance. 

When everyone evil dies, reinforcements show up from the back. Now enemies with riot shields appear. Throw grenades at these guys and let Hendricks do the rest. 

Now more riot shield goons arrive, so once again toss grenades to wear them down. Unfortunately there’s someone with an SMG who also enjoys throwing grenades of his own. Pay close attention to where these grenades land and avoid the explosions. Kill the enemies and meet up with Hendricks, then watch the cut scene. 

Push the Line Accolade: Kill the riot shield enemies with melee attacks. Use Camouflage to sneak behind them. 

Expert Flanker Accolade: When you’re behind these riot shield guys, shoot their heads. 

Go to the 54i Secondary Comms Relay

Walk to the building and then through the giant hole. Hendricks will lead you to an office building swarming with baddies. First hit them with missiles, then clean up the survivors with the assault rifle. 

Power Denied Accolade: When you go into the office building, head towards the back and shoot the robots before they activate. You’ll have a much easier time doing this on Recruit. 

Now look right and go up the second staircase. Kill remaining enemy forces and go back to the first floor to rejoin Hendricks. Go to the waypoint on the HUD and hack the relay. 

Regroup with Agent Kane 

Follow Hendricks into the ruins and mimic his movements to survive.

Go to the Black Station 

Meet up with Kane and then repel onto the 54i patrol. You can repel right or left. We went right. Switch on Tactical Mode and pull out your sniper rifle, killing as many enemies as you can, especially the guy with the rocket launcher. 

Blast Zone Accolade: Quickly take out two RPG soldiers. 

Commandeered Accolade: Reach the Technical a little ways up the road and achieve a 20-kill count. 

Duelist Accolade: Kill a Warlord using a pistol. 

Head up the street. Roughly halfway reinforcements and a Warlord show up. Use the ammo crates if necessary, then go back the way you came and use a sniper rifle to kill these enemies from range. Push forward after taking them all down. 

Secure the Black Station 

Go inside the Black Station to lock it down. Mission complete.

Find all of the collectibles in Mission 3: In Darkness and continue to Mission 4: Provocation. Then visit Prima’s free Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Walkthrough for more tips.

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