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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 2 – New World

Enter the Winslow Accord Cyber Soldier program to gain access to DNI powers.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Mission 2 – New World, players receive access to a variety of DNI abilities to deal with swarms of robots. They’ll go on a thrilling chase, fight through the subway station and battle enemies aboard a train. 

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Go to the Suspected Terrorist Hideout 

After receiving your Direct Neural Interface (DNI) system, proceed through the abandoned mill with weapons hot. Battle enemies camped out along the catwalks and in rooms. Stick to the left or right side of this location to minimize risk. 

Punch Through Accolade: Look for six enemies hiding behind cover and shoot them. You don’t have to be in a specific area. 

Inferno Accolade: While in the first part of this level, look for explosive containers and wait for enemies to move into range. Now blast the containers to set these people on fire. You must do this three times. 

Diaz tells you how to wall run; jump toward a wall to do it. Now move beyond the silo and switch on Tactical Mode to spot enemies carrying grenade launchers and sniper rifles. Move left and then up the steps. Kill the enemies, especially the guy with the rocket launcher, then proceed into the building on the left. 

Multi-Tasker Accolade: Kill three enemies while wall running.

Make’em Count Accolade: Kill three groups of bad guys three times with grenades. 

Once you go all the way to the end of this building, more enemies appear. Throw a grenade to take most of them down, then pick these guys off. Focus your attention on the soldier firing the LMG opposite your location. If possible, kill him first. 

Now go into the warehouse and use the crates to take cover from enemy fire. Restock ammo where necessary. 

Here, You Dropped This Accolade: Enemies often throw grenades in the warehouse section of the mission. Throw them back at three enemies to earn this Accolade.

Clear the warehouse and then learn how to hack drones. 

Terminate the Terrorist Operation

Pilot the Talon drone through hostile territory, keeping it as high as possible to make it tougher to destroy. Blast vats of steel to take out groups of baddies. If they manage to blow up the drone, hack another one. When all enemies die, destroy the generator.

Locate the Terrorists’ Command Center 

Obliterating the generator results in an EMP that takes out the rest of the drones. Stick with Diaz and go through the doors. Refill ammo if you need more. 

Enemies are everywhere, and the best way to make them dead is to hack the nearby turret and mow them down. Leave the turret and it self destructs.

Turn the Guns on ‘em! Accolade: Simple enough. Kill a maximum of six bad guys with the turret. 

When your DNI recharges, gain access to a turret at the back of this location. Use it to slaughter as many bad guys as possible. Now go towards the waypoint on the HUD and hack the wall panel.

Pursue the Subject 

Go after the person suspected of the bombing in Zurich. Sprinting is your friend! 

Conservationist Accolade: During the chase, do not reload a weapon. Instead, score melee kills and sprint as much as you can. 

Discretion Accolade: Do not kill innocents during the chase. 

Go after Sarah Hall and deal with the robots. Do not get too far behind the suspect or the mission fails.

When you reach the entrance to the subway, wall run over the train tracks. 

Parkour Accolade: Wall run across the billboard while the train is beneath you.

Regroup with Hall after leaving the subway to learn another DNI ability, System Paralysis. Walk onto the roof and use System Paralysis to eliminate the drones. Resume the chase, taking out drones along the way.

Eventually you go into a building under construction. Destroy the drones and leap towards the target to finish this section of the mission.

Find the Explosives

You begin inside of a warehouse in Zurich. Team with Maretti and battle some robots. Use the latest DNI special, Immolation, to destroy multiple robots at once. Do not be too hasty. Rely on cover, then pop out to take down the robots. 

Spike-Cicle Accolade: In the first warehouse, blast one of the icicles so it falls onto a robot.

Shortly afterwards you learn the Firefly DNI ability. This lets you unleash swarms of nanobots. Use them without mercy, eliminating enemies in train cars. Proceed forward and to the left to deal with more opposition, including robots. Take down the droids with Immolation.

Caught ‘em Sleeping Accolade: Disable six robots with an EMP and then destroy them. 

Hack the Maintenance Door 

Kill everything in the subway and hack the door. Go through the door and learn how to use EV, Enhanced Vision. Use this night vision to kill enemies nearby. 

Head into the next area and use your DNI to eliminate soldiers and robots. Take the stairs to another area of the depot, killing robots as you go. 

Reinforcements show up from the back of this big room. Slowly make your way to the door, sticking to the right for cover. Kill enemies hanging out in the above office, then take the staircase into the office. 

Push forward into a big room and use the icicles to destroy the enemies. If you have Immolate, use it to bust up the tanks.  Now move to the walkway and rely on DNI to make it through alive.

Hack the Water Plant Door

With enemies dead, hack the door and follow Maretti. Now hack the computer. 

Locate the Explosives 

You’re on a Zurich train filled with robots. Now’s a good time to use Takedown. Destroy the robot in one car, then go into the next and take out four with chain Takedowns. Proceed until you see two robots on the glass roof. They’ll drop down, so go after them.

Stopping Power Accolade: Use your KRM-262 Pump Shotgun to kill eight robots without reloading.

Kill the four robots hanging out on top of the train, then go to the train car’s edge. Activate Concussive Wave when prompted, then use it to destroy the five robots beneath you.

Fast Learner Accolade: Destroy all five of these robots with a single Concussive Wave attack.

Go to the next car and battle even more robots. When you clear the top train car, drop down to the bottom level. There will be robots, and you’ll want to rely on Takedown and Concussive Wave. Continue moving forward and killing robots until the game wants you to hack the back door. Do this and you complete Mission 2. 

Find all of the collectibles in Mission 2: New World, then go to Mission 3: In Darkness. Later, visit Prima’s free Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Walkthrough, and unlock the Official eGuide for in-depth multiplayer strategies.

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